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New Build Basements


A home extension can be restricted by planning regulations and the amount of available land to build onto.

A new build cellar makes light of these issues by allowing you to extend the amount of available living space – downwards!

If suitable, we can create a new basement room (or rooms) almost to the size of the ground floor “footprint” of your existing home.

That’s right – existing! Just because a cellar was not included in the original design of the house does not preclude the addition of one at a later stage.

And a new basement can provide more new space per pound spent than most extensions.

Our team of project managers, builders, structural engineers, electricians and gas engineers will ensure that your existing property remains structurally sound and that a seamless integration of your new space is delivered.

All our work is backed by our Company Guarantee and the materials used (we use John Newton Membranes – the best in the industry) carry their own 30 year guarantee.

Please contact us for a no obligation chat to discuss the suitability of your home for this exciting option.


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