15 amazing kitchen trends for 2023

The styles of kitchens are ever-changing, especially as the public, in general, becomes a lot more expressive with the layout and features of their kitchens. As we all spend so much time and money in this particular room, it’s good to know what the current kitchen trends are so that you can decide whether to incorporate them into your own home. This blog has picked out 15 of the greatest kitchen trends for 2023, so without further ado, let’s get into it!

Expansive Windows

Windows are set to be a focal point in 2023, whether it’s updating an existing space or designing a new kitchen. Outdoor entertaining and welcoming guests to your house always involves space, that’s why having a huge sliding window to the garden is the perfect solution, opening up your house and making the kitchen feel huge and seamlessly flow into your garden area.

Meet Pahwa, a certified kitchen designer says that “we can expect to see kitchens having huge window walls that slide open or into pocket walls, merging the indoor-outdoor spaces.” “These windows create stunning and refreshing spaces with nature, daylight, and fresh air pouring in and are certainly a kitchen trend for 2023”.

Introduce Mirrored Elements

An established backsplash favourite antiqued mirrored glass is making a move onto kitchen cabinets. A silvered glass on the wall cabinets can bring a cityscape inside your kitchen. Choosing mirrored glass over transparent also has its fringe benefits in the form of concealment, there’s no need to keep contents neat and tidy.

The use of mirrors in high places can also provide the room with light reflection and you can install them to focus on particular areas that wouldn’t usually see too much natural light, a modern and versatile kitchen trend!

Glazed Tiles

A tiled kitchen backsplash is nothing new, however, there will be a shift away from matte finishes and an enhanced focus on gloss. A glazed tile is far easier to clean for one, it’s also extremely effective at reflecting light around the room, providing effective results, no matter what colour you decide to choose!

Renowned interior designer Natalia Miyar has these richly hued green kitchen tiles and says that “paired with rustic wood and marble work surfaces, they create a really beautiful contrast with earthy colours, as well as adding different layers of texture to the space”. Keep in mind that you don’t need to use a saturated shade to enjoy the full impact.

Open Shelving

Open kitchen shelving is being embraced more and more, and cabinets are still on-trend too, so it’s really down to individual style and preferences when it comes to the option you decide to go with out of the two kitchen trends. This style is becoming ever-popular for people who love a country-style kitchen which tends to stay away from lots of cabinets and opt for a pantry and open shelving.

Open shelving provides you with the effortless option of just looking at the wall to see what it is you need, it provides you with easy access to items or utensils which are commonly used in your kitchen. You have to be careful with this kitchen trend though as you don’t want to clutter or over-fill open shelving as it can then portray a very messy look.

Reeded Glass

One of the easiest kitchen trends to embrace for 2023, no matter the size of your kitchen, is reeded glass. As we continue to move away from frosted or mottled glass, reeded glass can be achieved even with window film to save having to replace entire panels.

Al Bruce, a kitchen designer says “reeded glass is having a full revival and makes a great addition to either glass cabinets, worktop dressers or within bakers tables. This stylish upgrade gives the kitchen a contemporary twist and is perfect for disguising everyday tableware which isn’t always display worthy”.

Aluminium hardware

While brass and stainless steel still remain popular choices for hardware, aluminium is going to begin to take centre stage in 2023. Mixing up your hardware is a great way to make your kitchen look expensive on a budget. It also has a low environmental impact as the material grows in popularity due to the world becoming more concerned with carbon footprints.

Aluminium is an extremely recyclable material, making it one of the most sustainable choices a homeowner can make when selecting hardware. Not only this, but aluminium is hardier than brass and it’s also super lightweight to handle, it can also be shipped more easily meaning that the carbon impact of the material is reduced further. All of this contributes to the fact that aluminium hardware is to be a kitchen trend for 2023, not only in black but also in its raw mottled grey tone.

Baker tables

As mentioned, when talking about reeded glass, baker tables are predicted to be a popular choice for 2023. The request for freestanding pieces is continuously on the rise, islands are very practical and very popular still but baker tables are also making their way to the forefront. They’re like an island, but on legs instead. This freestanding piece allows itself to feel like a piece of furniture while still having all of the benefits of a usual island, with deep draws and a place to perch.

Stylish Splashbacks

Kitchen splashback ideas may not immediately fill you with too much excitement, but they are a wonderful way of bringing colour, patterns or textures into your kitchen and the trend for 2023 is to make more of a feature of them.

Melissa Klink, the creative director at Harvey Jones says that “in recent years we have seen the worktop material carried right up the wall to the underside of cabinets or shelving. Now we are cutting off the edge of the splashback and making more of a feature out of it. Adding careful curves and delicate finishes really elevates the sophistication in a kitchen and amplifies the beauty of the stone when you look at it from a variety of angles”.

Wooden Flooring

A kitchen trend which has cemented itself near the top of the list for a number of years now is wooden flooring and 2023 will be no different. Being a natural material, wooden flooring in the kitchen provides a comforting and relaxing feeling as a sanctuary people love to spend time in.

The wooden floorings’ ability to stay timeless and balance artificial high gloss surfaces and stainless steel appliances should never be underestimated. The right tone of wooden flooring also softens high-shine, hard natural surfaces such as marble and quartz. Its flexibility and classiness mixed with comfort are reasons why this timeless classic is going to remain a kitchen trend for 2023.

Colourful Cabinets

If you prefer the kitchen cabinet trend to shelving then there are no surprises that you’ll have them in your kitchen. People usually go for a practical look for their cabinets, with matte doors in an anti-fingerprint finish being highly desirable. However, the introduction of bolder colour is something that we’re beginning to see a whole lot more of!

In line with other interior trends this year, shades of blues and greens are hugely popular with richer hues standing out as the fastest-growing trend.

Smart Storage

Clever storage solutions are not just popular but extremely important in modern households. Especially in kitchens, where there are so many items, from food ingredients to cutlery, cooking equipment and whatever else you might clutter up your kitchen with. Well-placed, concealed and designed storage solutions are a saviour for the aesthetic of your kitchen.

When planning any successful layout factoring in ample space to keep clutter out of your sight is always key to making the space work harder for you. When it comes to the storage people desire, it seems to focus on being practical rather than flashy and clever. The general public wants large easy-access storage, such as pan drawers in islands and large opening larder units, this is set to continue as a kitchen trend for 2023.

Practical and Stylish Worksurfaces

Quartz continues to be the popular choice of worktop, it’s extremely durable and easy to clean/maintain. There are so many fabulous quartz colour schemes around these days, with some looking very close to real marble, people want to be able to cook in their kitchen without having to worry about a worksurface that stains easily and quartz provides you with this option.

A worksurface choice would largely come down to practicality but nowadays it’s a feature which is there to look good as well, with there being so many stylish colour choices and designs now, without taking away from its brilliant practicality side (heatproof and stain resistance). This can of course be an expensive option but if you’re on a together budget then don’t worry because you can combine a wood-effect laminate for the main kitchen with a stone for an island.

Integrated Appliances

The general desire for streamlined, clutter-free spaces sees kitchen trends leaning towards integrated and concealed appliances remaining as a firm favourite. With an abundance of tech and new gadgets for kitchens these days, they can often take up too much space on a worktop/side of your kitchen, therefore we want to find a way of hiding them.

The appetite for discreet storage is expected to grow as a result to create a streamlined finish without impacting the style of your kitchen but still having the same amount of appliances at your disposal.

Boiling Water on Demand

In the modern world, we’ve become so accustomed to everything being there for us in an instant, to the point where waiting for the kettle to boil is something we could do without. Therefore, it’s no surprise that boiling water taps are a firm favourite for a kitchen trend and they will continue to feature in more and more homes. They especially took a rise in demand with more people having to work from home or remaining to work from home, as they wanted hot water on demand for a hot drink in between zoom calls etc.

Downdraft Extractors

Extractor fans are being re-modelled and reimagined, with a kitchen trend emerging as a shift towards downdraft extraction systems which remove odours and vapours directly from their source and draw them downwards before they have a chance to infiltrate the air e.g., directly from the hob.

This kitchen trend for 2023, is particularly important in open-plan kitchens and living spaces because a head-height extractor hood above an island can create a visual barrier and conflict with the open-plan ambience effect people are looking for. Therefore, the downdraft extractor system integrated into the hob provides greater creativity of design and taps into the minimal professional styling concept.

As you can see there’s a whole range of kitchen trends for 2023. With some old looks coming back to the forefront as well as more modern adjustments on classic designs, to the staple, classic kitchen features that have been hard to budge as a trend for a number of years now. Whatever style you desire, there’s plenty to choose from. If you’re after having a dream kitchen created, then there’s no need to look further than us here at CellarTech. We have completed some beautiful kitchen projects in the past, so please feel free to check them out on our website!