Converting an existing basement or excavating a completely new basement is an excellent way of increasing your home’s living space while adding to its value.

I always use John Newton waterproofing systems and materials. All their products follow the recommendations of the British Standard BS8102:2009 for waterproofing belowground structures.

This British Standard defines three types of waterproofing:

• Type A (barrier protection) – tanking membranes applied to the inside or outside of a structure
• Type B (integral protection) – water bars within construction joints
• Type C (drained protection) – a cavity drain system (CDM) comprising waterproof membranes, pumps and drainage

If there is a high likelihood of water ingress, a combination waterproofing system is recommended. One system would usually be a Type C system, as CDMs are acknowledged as the safest way of waterproofing a new or existing basement. The other system in the combination would be dictated by the type of project being undertaken.

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