7 Signs your bathroom needs updating and 7 great renovation tips

Updating your bathroom can sometimes be a daunting prospect because of the obvious costs that might be involved. However, you don’t have to tear up the whole room to completely change the look and upgrade the level at which your bathroom functions. This blog will tell you the signs to look out for that suggest your bathroom needs renovating and will also give you some fabulous tips if that’s what you decide to do.

7 Signs your bathroom needs updating

1. Outdated Fixtures – If you have worn out or poorly functioning taps, showerheads, lighting etc, then it may be time to update them. New fixtures can majorly improve not just the functionality but also the style of your bathroom.
2. Mould or Mildew – This could be a sign that there isn’t enough ventilation or waterproofing in the room, taking up new measures to protect against these issues will majorly help to prevent the growth of mould and mildew.
3. Cracked or Chipped Tiles – If the tiles in your bathroom are cracked, chipped, or missing then it can seriously detract from the overall finished look of the room. Replacing the tiles can revive a fresh look.
4. Poor Lighting – If the room is lit poorly then it can make it difficult to do what you need to use the bathroom for e.g. getting ready in the morning (especially in winter when the mornings are dark). Upgrading the lighting will improve functionality as well as majorly improving the mood and atmosphere.
5. Limited Storage – If you don’t have the correct amount of storage, then it can make it extremely difficult to keep it organised and clutter-free. This is not only unwelcoming, but it can also come across as un-hygienic to guests and provide unnecessary trip hazards. Consider smarter storage solutions and adding more options in unused space.
6. Outdated Design – If your bathroom has an outdated design or colour scheme, it can make it look old and tired. Just like with any other part of your house, revamping its design will create a fresh, modern look.
7. Plumbing Issues – This is arguably the most important reason, leaks, clogs or low water pressure can seriously have an impact on the safety within your bathroom, so these kind of problems are a priority. Once fixed, they massively improve safety and functionality.

7 Great renovation tips

1. Set a budget – Before you come to decide on a final decision for your bathroom you must calculate the amount you’re willing to spend on any renovation work. This will let you decide whether you’re replacing a few existing units and replacing some broken tiles or if you’re going for the full strip out and completely re-model your bathroom.
2. Focus on functionality – There’s not a whole lot of point in doing any sort of renovation if you’re not improving the functionality of your bathroom. As suggested earlier in the blog, consider adding more storage, upgrading fixtures/features and replacing the lighting.
3. Update the flooring – Replacing the flooring can provide a whole fresh look all in itself, especially if the old one has been considerably worn, there are many options to choose from that include tile, vinyl, and hardwood.
4. Upgrade your shower or bathtub – This is one of the main replacements which can drastically improve functionality, even a new, modern showerhead will make a significant difference.
5. Replace your toilet – A new model of toilet that’s far more water-efficient and fits the style of your bathroom will make your life easier and it will also last for many years once replaced, so if you’re looking for a long-term investment then this is a great choice of action.
6. Add a fresh coat of paint – This is one of the cheaper options on the list and is a quick fix to updating the look, colour is also a great way to express your style and personality and the options are pretty much endless.
7. Out with the old – Have a complete replacement, choosing a whole new style from tiles, to paint, to flooring, to fixtures, to units, to storage, to a BRAND NEW bathroom! If you’ve got a big budget to work with then you can always go for this option and majorly improve all areas of the previous model.

Remember that if it’s large work you’re after and a professional job you’re looking for then you should contact someone who knows exactly what they’re doing, with years of expertise in this field behind them. Here at CellarTech Southwest we uphold a magnificent standard of workmanship and are great at turning dreams into reality, just get in touch today to see what we can do for you and your property.