Lighting plays a big part in making a space feel more comfortable and pleasant. A common misconception is that all basements are dark and dingy! This certainly is not the case and there are many ways in which you can ensure that your basement is lovely and light.

We receive a lot of questions regarding how we can add light to a basement. That is why we have formulated this helpful guide to inform you of all the ways in which you can add light to your basement.

We hope that it covers everything you need to know however, if you have any questions at all – our friendly team is always here to help! Give us a call or email us and we will get back to you.

Here are our tips for adding light to your basement…


1.      Let the natural light in!

When building your basement, it is important that you think about utilising natural light. Not only is natural light brilliant for brightening up your interior space but it also is an excellent cost-free lighting solution that you should take advantage of.

Natural light can be let through in multiple ways. These include:

Terraces – If you have space and are happy to add multiple levels to your surrounding outdoor space – a terrace would be the perfect addition to your basement. Using glazed doors and floor-to-ceiling windows will all help towards letting natural light in.

Light Wells – These are brilliant for taking advantage of vertical light, which happens to be the strongest type of light! A lightwell is an unroofed external space that will let the light flood into the basement below. They are also great for ventilation, which is incredibly useful for having a clean airflow going through your basement.

Sun Pipes – Great for capturing light and sending it directly down to the basement, sun pipes are a superb choice for those who don’t want to lose space elsewhere by using light wells.


2.      Be creative with decorating!

Decorating your basement is incredibly exciting. It can sometimes be hard to choose the best way to decorate it in order to make the most of the natural light whilst also trying to make it feel open and airy.

Neutral colours or light coloured paint is the perfect solution for keeping the space feeling bright. Use plenty of mirrors to help bounce light further around the basement whilst also making it feel bigger! Glossy worktops and cabinets that reflect light are good options too.

Top it all of with soft furnishings and simple artwork that all help make the space feel light.


3.      Utilise artificial lighting!

In some cases, there isn’t the possibility of adding light through windows. This may be due to budget, lack of space or personal preference. In this case, it is great to utilise artificial lighting!

This includes lighting such as track lights, ceiling lights, sconce lights and tray lights.

For a quick and simple solution, floor and table lamps are also a great option. Use LED lightbulbs to add a white glow to your space.


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