The decision to move house or extend your home is a tough decision to make. You’ve grown out of the space you have, and you need some extra room, but you’re not sure whether to extend or move house. While moving may seem like the obvious choice in this situation, it can be a time-consuming process that involves packing up your old home and having to find somewhere new to live for several months and there are costly fees involved. Extending is a great way to add more space to your property without having to go through all of this hassle! It’s also cheaper than moving house—not only will there be no expensive removal fees involved (or even selling costs if you’re buying another property) but extending doesn’t always require any planning permission either so no lengthy application process.

Extending your current home

If you want to expand your living space, extending your current home is probably the best option. A major advantage of extending is that it’s cheaper than moving house, which means it won’t cost you as much money in Stamp Duty and other fees. This makes it great for people on a smaller budget and are looking to add value to their property. Extending can also be more flexible than moving house in terms of what room needs expanding or where you want to extend into. You’re not limited by the layout of any other houses nearby; instead, you can make sure that every aspect of your extensions fits with what works best for your family life! When you’re considering extending your home, you need to consider the following:

  • You will have to budget for the cost of the extension. The size and style of your extension will determine how much it costs.
  • Your extension should be designed to meet all of your needs, including bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as a family room or office space if needed. If you live in a terraced house that does not have much space for an extension, then we can design something small which will give you more living space without having any impact on your neighbours or causing noise pollution at night-time when everyone else is trying to sleep!
  • Where should I put my new lounge? Should I add another bathroom downstairs, so everyone has their own toilet? What type of kitchen would suit my needs best? We can help solve these problems by discussing them with you during our initial meeting, so everything goes smoothly once work begins later down the line…

What are the benefits of extending my home?

  • Save money on costly moving fees
  • Stay in the home you love.
  • Less stress, no packing everything you own into boxes and unboxing!


Costs to consider when I extend my home?

Many people extend their homes as a way of getting more space. But before you get too carried away, there are some costs that you will have to take into account.

Costs include:

  • Building materials and labour – These can be expensive if you opt for high-end fixtures and fittings and in the current climate material costs are rising quickly
  • Planning permission – If you need planning permission, it’s likely that the council will want its own surveyor to assess your proposed extension to ensure it meets certain building standards before approving the plans
  • Legal fees – If you’re employing an architect or builder, they may charge a fee for advising on legal matters such as drawing up contracts with sub-contractors and obtaining insurance quotes


Planning permission

Before you start calling builders about your home extensions, it’s worth checking with your local council. The local planning department should be able to help with this they’ll have all sorts of information about what’s allowed in the area and how much space different houses need for extensions. You could also talk to someone who has recently had an extension built (or even better: get them over for tea so they can tell you all about their experiences!). However, if moving house is something that appeals more than extending your current property then definitely go ahead with this option! Moving house may allow you access to better schools or a bigger garden so keep these things in mind when making decisions about where (or whether!)  to move next time around too!

If your decision to extend has been made or if you have any queries about what an extension may entail then please do feel free to browse our website or to give us a call and we can discuss this further with you.