The benefits of garage conversions far outweigh the costs.  In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of garage conversions and show how versatile they can be.

There are many reasons why people convert their garages.  We all have different needs and lifestyles – whether you need extra space, extra income or need to accommodate an elderly relative, garage conversions are super flexible that could provide the solution to your problem.  Perhaps you’re now working remotely on a permanent basis, you can create the perfect office space at home.  Perhaps you’re looking to create a self-contained annex for an elderly relative that you care for, or you may want to form a studio apartment to rent out for extra income.    You may want extra space to accommodate guests – be it a big dining room or guest accommodation – garage conversions fit the bill perfectly!

The benefits of garage conversions are:

1. Increased value of your home

Not only will you gain extra space in your home, but garage conversions give you probably one of the best returns on investment that you can get from any sort of home conversion.  Loft conversions, single or double storey conversions cost infinitely more than a garage conversion.  It’s estimated that you can increase the value of your property by around 10% by converting the garage into extra living space.

2. Cost effectiveness

Not only will you get a strong return on investment, but the actual costs of converting your garage are far smaller than other conversions.  Because the structure is already there, there’s no new external construction work to be done, which in turn, will keep the outlay of conversion cheaper than other types extension.

3.  No planning permission required

As the garage structure is already there, there’s no requirement for planning permission.  This in itself, is cost effective as you won’t need an architect, planning permission and months of waiting for it to be granted by the local council planning department.

4.  Increased living space

Whether you need more space for your growing family, or you want to create a sanctuary for your teenage kids, you can basically create the space you need and use it for whatever you need.  If you want to create a home gym, a studio apartment, a bigger lounge, a spacious dining room – the choices are endless and only limited by your own imagination!

5.  Natural light is retained

With many conversions, natural daylight has to be considered.  Take basement or loft conversions, for instance.  It’s probably a necessity to add extra natural daylight resources.  At best, a garage conversion may require an extra window.

6.  A garage conversion won’t increase your council tax

A win-win-win situation really!  No increase in your tax,  an increase in your property’s value and extra space that you can tailor-make to suit your lifestyle and needs.

7.  You decide how much space to want to convert

You don’t have to convert all of your garage space either!  If you have a double garage, there’s nothing to stop you from converting just one side of the garage instead of all of it!  Or indeed, if you have a single garage, you could convert part of it into a utility room and the other part into a home office.  The space is so flexible to convert and of course, you have a blank canvas on which to design your new found space!

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