Put simply, underpinning is a method of stabilising a property that has suffered either currently or previously from subsidence. In other words, the structure of the property has moved as a result of subsidence and the foundations need to be strengthened.

The soil beneath the existing foundations is excavated and replaced with new materials to restore stability to the property.

Subsidence takes place when the soil supporting the foundations moves, thus reducing or removing its support. Subsequently, the property may move.

This movement may be subtle. You may simply notice cracks in the walls and especially around windows and door frames. In the most severe cases, you may actually notice the property leaning to one side.

If you believe your property is suffering from subsidence, then you should have a professional, such as a Chartered Surveyor or Structural Engineer, inspect and provide a report. This will identify what the problems are and suggest suitable remedies.

This is where we come in. Our team of experts have a wide range of skillsets suited to tackling any underpinning project. Not only that, we will liaise with all relevant authorities to ensure we are meeting any statutory requirements or planning regulations.

You can rest assured of a good professional job and all our work and materials are backed up with a 30 year guarantee.

So if you are in the Gloucestershire area and in need of underpinning work, call me on 01452 619871 to find out what we can do for you.