Underpinning is a method of strengthening the foundation of an existing structure or building and may be required for a variety of reasons, which include:

  • Original foundations not being strong enough
  • Use of the property has changed, and stronger foundations are now required
  • The properties of the soil that the foundations sit on may have changed, possibly through subsidence
  • The depth of the foundations or the load capacity may need to be increased to support an extension or extra storey to the existing building
  • Drought, flood, or other natural causes may have also caused the structure to have moved and to further require re-stabilisation

As well as this, there are several other advantages to the underpinning system:

Increasing the structural integrity of the property

As we have mentioned above, the foundation of your structure may need to be strengthened for a number of different reasons. Improper construction to extreme climate changes can cause the structural integrity of the building to become compromised. An underpinning system can make the foundation of your property as strong as possible and improve the structural integrity, ensuring that the foundation is protected and strong.

Boosting the value of a property

Underpinning can massively enhance the value of your property. Whether you are planning to sell up sometime in the future or you might simply want to add some value to the property, underpinning will allow you to achieve this. A structure that is properly constructed with finished underpinning will have a higher value and be worth more.

Enhancing the height of the ceiling and lighting fixtures

Underpinning will provide you with the freedom that you need to add new rooms to the structure of a property, alongside extra doors and windows that can also enhance the natural light entering the property. If you want to enhance the ceiling height or lighting fixtures of your property, underpinning can be really beneficial.

Updating your electrical and plumbing fixtures

If you would like to update the electrical fixtures or plumbing in your property, underpinning a basement can give you access to all the mechanics of the home. This can include the electrical works, plumbing, wiring and insulation, ensuring that you can check to identify if they will require any repairs or updates carried out.


Our team of professional experts will carry out thorough survey to establish exactly what needs doing.  They have a wide range of skillsets including project management, construction, structural engineering, electricians, and gas engineers.

They will use their vast experience to ensure the work required is carried out quickly and efficiently with a minimum of disruption and fuss.  They will also liaise with the relevant authorities to make sure you have any required Planning Permissions or meet the statutory Building Regulations.

All our work and the materials that we use are backed by a 30-year guarantee!

If you are in the Gloucestershire area and are considering having underpinning work carried out, call us on 01452 619871.  We can help you with whatever underpinning or property development requirements that you have, all of which can be found on our website here.

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